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The first time you get your own place, it can come as a shock that keeping it clean and making sure everything works well requires… effort. You get better at coming up with systems, strategies, and tools to make the workload manageable. This is also the point in life when people learn to use power tools, develop preferences for stain removers and cleaning sprays, and even subscribe to influencers who talk about nothing but cleaning toilets. Yes, this is adulting.

However, if you like to seek out life hacks and workarounds that make home upkeep something you can fit into the time you have for it, you’ve landed in the right place. There is a terrific amount of advice to be found in the Amazon reviews of products designed for adults who keep their houses clean and functioning. So, yes, keeping your house nice may be hard, but reviewers say these clever things make it much easier.

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The spray mop that makes cleaning the floors easy

Keeping tile and hardwood floors clean is an ongoing challenge in most homes. The trick is to make the task so easy that cleaning is something you can do without overthinking it. This spray mop system — with a spray bottle in the handle you fill with your own cleanser, washable pads, and a swivel head — makes it so easy you will do it often.

One reviewer said: “This mop is absolutely amazing! Easy to assemble and easy to use! No leaky mess when putting the cartridge in and … the pads are machine washable! Amazing value.”


This drywall repair tool that practically fixes holes for you

When you move homes or simply change your mind about where to hang the art, you will be faced with the annoying task of fixing holes in the walls. This drywall repair putty is everything you need. It works like a glue stick — twist it up, rub some on the wall, and smooth it over with a rag. Done!

One reviewer said: “The product is SUPER easy to apply. After two to three good layers, which dried after one to two hours each time, I was able to smack some paint on. [It] blends in perfectly, and I can’t even see the damage.”


A stain remover that also helps remove unwanted odors

If you have a pet that has indoor accidents on occasion, keep some of this pet odor eliminator on hand so you can get that cleaned up and the unwanted smell removed. The spray helps eliminates the smell completely, replacing it with the pleasant scent of oranges.

One reviewer said: “We have a brand new puppy and he is just learning to be housebroken. We use Angry Orange on the spot where he goes. It is easy to use and the smell disappears within a minute.”


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