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The reality star’s latest TikTok has fans following along as she was getting ready for a Hulu shooting. However, fans were left confused after Kylie Jenner mentioned the return of the infamous Frederick.

The Kardashians star has been very active on the platform, communicating with her fans with different videos with her daughter, and showing her day-to-day life. For the first time, in natural lighting and minimal editing, Kylie shares the process of getting ready while also giving a peek of her luxurious home.

However, this time, fans were confused after Kylie Jenner announced the return of Frederick. The infamous Fred was a fly that used to live in her home for years.

Get ready with Kylie Jenner – and Frederick the fly

On September 7, The Kardashian star shared with her 47 million TikTok followers a “get ready with me” clip. The makeup mogul said it was replicating what “all the cool kids are doing”.

Starting with an all-black outfit, the mogul then appeared in a sports bra and loose-fitting Balenciaga trousers that “might even be for men”.

Showing off her slim figure months after giving birth to her second child, the 25-year-old then goes on to discuss different options to wear as a top. She ends up deciding on a high-neck top before heading off to choose shoes and accessories.

She jokes: “Maybe I should stand in better lighting because God forbid, I’m under overhead lighting and there’s a f****** another meme.”

The post has accumulated 17.1 million views and 3.5 million likes more than halfway through the day. Fans have been loving the recent content.

Fans react to Frederick’s return

Longtime fans might have instantly recognized a fly named Frederick from past TikToks. His first appearance was on Kylie’s nighttime routine video in her “favorite place to be” that was posted in late July.

Her new roommate, whom she named Frederick the Fly, was buzzing around the bathroom throughout the video, resulting in some laughable reactions.

Now that it seems to have returned after living there for ages, fans left comments welcoming him back.

A fan wrote: “Fredrick baby we missed u.”

A second fan commented: “Fredrick is here.”

Another one added: “Watched just to see if Fredrick was around.”

A fan asked: “FREDERICK’S RETURN??”

Becoming a TikTok star

Screenshot from The Kardashians Season 2 | Official Trailer | Hulu YouTube

Rise and shine. Kylie is in her TikTok era and slowly becoming the star of the platform. Boasting more than 40 million followers, the app has become her ultimate “favorite place”.

The beauty mogul was one of many celebrities who called out Instagram early on after claiming it was too much like TikTok..Sharing a message with her hundreds of millions of followers, she shared a meme that read, “Make Instagram, Instagram again”.

Since then, Kylie has been seen actively posting on TikTok for more “chill” and day-in-a-life videos.



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