Kylie Jenner files new trademarks for daughter’s Stormi World brand as star continues to snub newborn son… – The US Sun

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KYLIE Jenner has now filed three new trademarks for her daughter’s growing Stormi World brand, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The Kardashian star first filed for Stormi World to be trademarked shortly after her daughter’s first birthday in 2019 – and now, has still not announced her son’s official name nearly seven months after his birth.


Kylie Jenner filed three new trademarks for her daughter’s budding business empire Stormi WorldCredit: AFP


Stormi, four, first had a trademark filed for her name in 2019 when she had barely turned oneCredit: Getty

Kylie, 25, filed three new trademarks for Stormi World on August 24, 2022 after not touching the name since February 2019.

The first of the three trademarks is for “advertising and endorsement services” to “promote the goods and services of others.”

It also describes “retail store services” including “gifts; general consumer merchandise; apparel; apparel accessories; toys; sporting goods; beauty products; cosmetics; skincare and fragrances.”

In the second trademark filed for Stormi World, it details: “Toy figures; doll accessories; dolls; drawing toys; infant toys; mechanical action toys; electronic action toys; play sets for action figures and soft sculpture toys.”

The extensive list continues on including “bath toys; puzzles; party games; toy jewelry; bats for games; puppets; hand-held units for playing electronic games; children’s educational toys for developing fine motor and cognitive skills; musical toys; toy food; toy cookware; toy cameras; baby gyms; playground balls and sport balls.”

Finally, Stormi World’s third trademark includes clothing items such as “coats; dresses; footwear; headwear; jackets; jumpers; loungewear; rompers; scarves; shirts; sweaters; undergarments; socks; hosiery; swimwear; cloth bibs; gloves; sleepwear; one piece garment for infants and toddlers and costumes for use in children’s dress up play.”


Stormi’s potentially budding business empire has been long underway, however.

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Kylie first ensured her daughter had a trademark on both her name and for Stormi World as the toddler had hardly even turned one-year-old.

The trademarks Kylie filed for Stormi, now four, back in 2019 included the same descriptions, although three years later, fans have yet to see a product or service produced from the trademark.

Meanwhile, as Kylie is setting Stormi up to grow into her multi-million dollar empire, the star has entirely snubbed setting up a business path for her newborn son.

Although the boy is approaching seven months, fans still do not even know the baby’s official name since Kylie changed it from Wolf.

No trademarks have been filed for Kylie’s son.


Kylie has likewise been slammed for excluding her newborn from a recent Kylie Baby advertisement photo.

On Wednesday, the brand’s official Instagram released a new picture to promote the baby care line launching in the UK.

In the ad, Kylie sat on a cloud as Stormi sat wrapped in a baby blue robe on her mother’s lap.

However, fans were frustrated to see Kylie had snubbed her son from the ad by excluding him from the shoot.

One fan asked in the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram comments: “Where is the baby boy?”

A second likewise demanded: “…….



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