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The adage ‘first impression is the last impression’ is probably true when it comes to homes, especially bathrooms. Thanks to the new trends of 2022, we have a fresh take on how bathrooms can now become the reigning spaces of your house. Yes, your private space is not utilitarian anymore and speaks about your personality!

Read on to know all the bathroom aesthetic trends we are eyeing this year and how they can elevate the feel of your home.

2022 interior design trends for bathroom

Black fixtures

Days for nickel-quoted sanitary fixtures are over; it’s time to welcome the matte black faucets. This trend of matte black fittings has taken the bathroom design world by storm. Apart from making the space feel eccentric, it exhibits a sculpture-like look, too.

You don’t need to stick to the faucets; you can even add matte blacks in your cabinet pulls, vanity, and more. Just in case you’re concerned about revamping the tiles, these matte black fixtures can go with almost every background. If you’re up for a suggestion, then try simple whites that will give your space a monochromatic aesthetic.


After the basics, if you want to add a pinch of drama in your bathroom, then a quirky coloured wallpaper is the answer.

Who says that wallpapers are best suited for chambers and hallways? Gone are the days when people were quite vanilla in terms of their choices. Now, everyone is game for trying out new things, especially when it comes to decor. And adding wallpaper to your retreat will make it look like a piece of artwork. So, go for a vibrant pick because it’ll bring a little spunk to the whole setup and complement your tiles. However, if you’re not a fan of bold shades, go for soothing tones that’ll still manage to spice up your whole bathroom without looking extra.

Spa elements

As we mentioned before, bathrooms are not just for utility anymore. Understandably, one doesn’t possess all the space in the world for the bathroom, and unfortunately, they spare just a few square feet. But this shouldn’t stop you from dreaming to have maximum comfort in that little area. The catch is to declutter and make way for some extra space and add a few spa aesthetics. Pick a few interesting accessories like tub trays to keep your bath salts and essential oils, place a little ottoman or stool if needed, and extra hanging space for your plush towels.

Welcome plants

Plants have become one of the most popular interior decor elements to uplift the mood of any space. The greens are no more a part of the outdoors. In fact, the latest trends encourage you to invite them into your bathroom as doing that will not just light up the otherwise life-less setup but will also get air-purifying benefits. Also, …….



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