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Mexican Interiors: Bathrooms Integrating Matt Black Fittings and Taps

Casa Vega del Valle / RXY Studio. Image



Over the years, interior design has evolved according to the needs that arise, but above all, according to the experiences it seeks to evoke in the user. In the last two years, we have witnessed a radical change and a particular interest in this subject because the pandemic forced us to pay specific attention to the configuration of the places we inhabit. This brought about much more holistic designs that seek to address the user’s wellbeing, combining colors, sensory experiences, technology, and natural elements that promote health.

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Mexico is one of the most privileged countries in terms of climate and diversity, and when it comes to design, this opens up many possibilities to play with the temperature of the materials, the quality of the light, the wind currents, etc. We believe that interior design is fundamental in the conformation of each space and even more so when combined with hygiene and health but above all with the day to day, to offer experiences that stimulate the senses. 

Dispensador de jabón y grifo de agua – The Channel System | The Splash Lab. Image

When we focus on bathrooms, it seems that the design is very limited to the conventional materials that abound in the market, however, there is a range of very interesting possibilities when we integrate color either in the materials of the finishes or accessories such as taps. With the intention of inspiring you, we have compiled a series of projects in Mexico where black bathroom accessories are integrated so that you can explore new possibilities. Read on to see the complete list with its different applications.

Chukumera House / P11 Arquitectos

Casa Chukumera / P11 Arquitectos. Image

MD House / ALMACÉN de Arquitectura

Casa MD / ALMACÉN de Arquitectura. Image

Valle House / Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

Casa valle / Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos. Image

Bed & Breakfast Santulan / Santos Bolívar

Bed & Breakfast Santulan / Santos Bolívar. Image

Jungle Keva / Jaquestudio

Jungle Keva / Jaquestudio. Image

Agua House / ViGa Arquitectos

Casa Agua / ViGa Arquitectos. Image

Che’ Che’ House / Javier Puga Estudio

Casa Che’ Che’ / Javier Puga Estudio. Image

Washbasin Faucets

VR Cabin / CRB Arquitectos

Cabaña VR / CRB Arquitectos. Image</…….



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