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A TikToker’s DIY video has gone viral after she used paint to give her bathtub a stylish new look.

The woman, who goes by the handle @homelyrose_, is making budget-friendly tweaks to her bathroom to freshen the space until she can afford to renovate the room.

Instead of replacing the bath panel or getting a new bath, HomelyRose painted the yellow plastic panel black, completely transforming the space.

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“Literally all you have to do is clean it and paint it! I used Zinsser AllCoat exterior paint in satin,” she explained.

“I thought it couldn’t look any worse, so just went for it and I’m so happy with the result.”

Black paint took this ugly and drab bathtub to modern and stylish. (TikTok)

HomelyRose’s TikTok followers loved the new look, watching the video more than 760,000 times so far.

“This looks so good!! My entire bath is discoloured and I haaate it!” a woman commented.

“It looks amazing. My bath panel is yellow and wanted to do this, but was not sure if it would work,” another posted.

“Wow beautiful, lovely bathroom,” a follower wrote.

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The entire bathroom looks new with just a few affordable changes. (TikTok)

Despite the positive comments many who viewed the clip were naturally curious about how well the painted plastic holds up against moisture.

“Love this! How does it cope with condensation? Our bath is a horrendous pink/peach and we’d love to change it!” one person asked.

“We haven’t really got an issue with condensation but the kids splash it all the time when in the bath and it’s coped fine,” HomelyRose answered.

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As for scratches and peeling, HomelyRose hinted the paint won’t be on long enough to worry about peeling in years to come, and scratches haven’t been a problem.

“Two coats, no scratches so far, I have two children as well. I’m really happy with the overall finish,” she said.

The before and after shows even just painting the bathtub makes a huge difference. (TikTok)

HomelyRose’s budget-friendly makeover also included painting the tile grout grey using grout pens, lino to update the floor tiles and paint on the walls and door. All up these changes cost under $700.

Like HomelyRose, you can also make tiny tweaks to your bathroom to make it look fresh while waiting to afford a full renovation. Other simple changes include replacing the shower head and tapware and updating your bath accessories with things like new towels and toothbrush holders.

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