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Albany NY, United States: Increase in Demand for Better Healthcare Facilities to Drive Global Market

  • Patient lifts have proven to be useful for disabled persons as well as caregivers. Disabled and elderly individuals face mobility issues while performing their day-to-day tasks, even finding the process to be dangerous most of the time.
  • Patient lifting equipment include bathtub lift equipment that enable the user to move in and out of the tub with ease and comfort. Invacare is a leading manufacturer of patient lifts. There are sit-to-stand varieties of patient lifts available for those who have lost muscular control to stand on their feet from the bed or a wheelchair.
  • Overhead or ceiling lifts can be attached to the ceiling of the room. Other varieties of patient lifts include sling lift, which allows heavy weight or obese patients to be transferred without causing stress to the user or the caregiver extending support
  • These devices have a limitation where sling lifts tend to bend and compress the body of the patient during the transfer process

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Key Drivers and Restraints of Global Patient Lifting Equipment Market

Increase in Disabled Population Globally

  • Geriatric population is usually prone to various physical disabilities such as loss of neuromuscular control and immobility. The annual report on Disability Statistics, 2017 published by the University of New Hampshire pointed out that disability rate increases with age. In 2016, less than 1% of the U.S. population aged 5 years and under suffered from disability, whereas 36.6% population aged 65 years and above suffered from disability.
  • People suffering from disabilities will increasingly require mobility devices or lifting devices to conduct their day-to-day activities, as geriatric disorders often co-exist with obesity and disability

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  • Improving health care in major countries, such as the U.S., Japan, and China, have led to increased life expectancy of the population. According to the data released by the WHO SAGE publication group, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, and China are expected to have a large geriatric population in a short span of time.
  • Japan, the U.S., and the U.K. are also expected to follow a similar pattern. Growth in geriatric population is likely to lead to an increase in disabilities. This will drive the demand for various mobility devices.
  • The ‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)’ promotes access to mobility devices and assistive technologies among its member countries in a bid to provide these devices at affordable cost. This convention also facilitates training people with disabilities to use patient lifting devices apart from professionals working in facilitation and rehabilitation services.

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Lifting Slings Product Segment to Dominate Global Market


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