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February 17, 2022 by No Comments

Functionality is always top of the leader board when it comes to bathroom design, from a family bathroom makeover, through to a five star hotel refurbishment – function comes first! Followed closely by style and colour and other design considerations. Unidrain has taken all of these elements into consideration with the new Reframe collection.

When creating the perfect bathroom, fixtures, fittings, taps, accessories and drains all work together to create the overall picture, and with current trends moving away from chrome to focus on a more tonal finish, from black to brushed brass, the colour palette has grown. Deciding on colour palettes, tones and textures is not just limited to walls and floors in the bathroom but extends to the fittings and fixtures as well.

Unidrain have embraced the warmer tones in the new Reframe Collection, and accessories are available in the on-trend shades of copper and brass. These warmer, sun kissed tones add reflective light to a bathroom; showers become statement pieces with bright drains and glowing soap shelves. All the elements in this collection have been designed in tones and finishes that can both blend or highlight the space.

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