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The cost of living crisis means UK households are looking to cut back in any way they can, including more efficient ways to use the washing machine. With laundry a regular task for many, an expert has shared various simple ways to help save money. John Stirzaker from NetVoucherCodes said: “For many families the laundry can be costly but there are actually a lot of ways to reduce the cost of your laundry.

“Small changes like using dryer balls and selecting quick options are actually really effective in the long run and you won’t notice any difference in the quality of your clothes and how they’re cleaned.

“One of the biggest things is washing your clothes at off-peak times. Off-peak times are when less people across the UK will be using energy in their homes. Think really early in the morning or late evening after 7pm or 8pm.

“It’s not always possible to do this but if you can it will definitely save you some cash.”

1. Make sure you’re washing full loads

If you can, the expert recommended waiting until you have enough laundry to fill the washing machine up.

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“If the weather forecast is rain then you can always air dry your clothes inside on a drying rack. Just be sure to space out the clothes so they dry properly.”

4. Put your wash on at off-peak times

Putting laundry on at off-peak times tends to be when energy is at its cheapest.

According to the expert, this is usually early in the mornings or late at night. It is cheapest during these times as most people aren’t using energy during these hours.

5. Clean the dryer filter

John said: “It’s easy to neglect the dryer filter, but a regular clean will help your dryer to work more efficiently and safely.”

6. Use dryer balls

The expert added: “It’s worth buying some dryer balls which help separate clothes in a drying cycle, allowing more air flow between them.

“This means they’re able to be dried quicker and uses less energy which will cost you less money.”

7. See if your machine has a quick wash option

A lot of machines have a quick wash option, which is suitable for most washes, unless clothes are heavily stained.

John explained that a quick wash will wash laundry in less time and use less energy.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1667286/how-to-cut-the-cost-of-laundry-washing-machine-energy-bills


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