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On the recent episode of HGTV’s ‘Rock the Block’, twin sisters Leslie and Lyndsay won the renovation challenge. The clear winning aspect in their design was easily the extra closet space. You can never have too many clothes, shoes, or even accessories, to be honest. 

In addition to this, Leslie and Lyndsay also added a washer cum dryer in the house’s utility space on the reality renovation show. This was both a smart yet super convenient move since the space is right next to the closet. Seems too good to be true? Read on to see what fans think about this week’s win. 


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Here’s what fans are talking about with regard to HGTV’s latest renovation show. One fan said, “That was the confidence booster the twins needed. Happy that they won. #RockTheBlock”, while another shared, “The twins really earned this win!!! The closet and bathroom were beautiful #rocktheblock”.

One fan tweeted, “The twins surprised me. It was geougous… #rocktheblock”, while another said, “Okay, I can see it. The extra closet space and the washer and dryer. I get it. Good job twins! #rocktheblock”.







One fan tweeted, “#RockTheBlock yay!!! The twins!!! @EgyptSaidSo u know I love u & y’all’s design was awesome but I do think the twins were the rightful winners this week. All of u guys r sling this SUCH a wonderful season to watch!!!”, while another shared, “Did not see that coming, but they needed that win #Rocktheblock”.

One fan shared, “Happy for my quirky twins. #RockTheBlock”, while another said, “The bathrooms are all amazing but I think it’s a twin win this week! Gorgeous! #rocktheblock #[email protected]”. 






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