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When it’s time for a home upgrade, kitchens and bathrooms typically top the list. They hold a lot of supplies with limited capacity, making it difficult to transform a cluttered room into a relaxing space that you’re proud to show off to guests. Now that the holidays are over, you deserve to spend a little extra time soaking in the bathtub or executing your skincare routine—however, piles of toiletries, shabby towels, and unsightly decor can disturb the quiet relaxation. 

You don’t need to renovate your bathroom in order for it to feel like a five-star hotel spa: Amazon has a hidden Spa-Inspired Bath Accessories storefront that’s filled with solutions that elevate your space at affordable prices. Simple swaps like tissue box covers, apothecary jars, and glass soap dispensers nix the tacky packaging from cotton pads and liquid soaps with pleasing containers that double as decor.  

The storefront also contains plush bath towel sets and body brushes in case you need to replace your everyday essentials. Looking to invest in a small luxury? Consider towel warmers and bathtub trays that are naturally designed to make your bath more soothing. 

This secret section of the internet is filled with affordable options to update your bathroom into the spa of your dreams. In fact, you can shop our favorite picks, starting at just $7. 


Vitever Four-Pack Apothecary Jar Containers

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but organizers can seriously transform a space into a calming respite. Instead of stowing packages of cotton swabs, floss picks, and hair ties in drawers or bathroom shelves, display them neatly in these plastic apothecary jars. They come in a pack of five and feature airtight bamboo lids for a functional yet aesthetic touch. 

To buy: $12;


C.S.M. Dry Body Brush

It wouldn’t be an at-home spa without luxurious tools that enhance your self-care routine. This dry body brush is a dream for those looking to banish dry skin, bumps, and ingrown hairs. It exfoliates skin with 100 percent natural boar bristles, and even stimulates …….



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