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While we may not think about it, we do tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so why not make it looks a little bit nicer. This list has some pretty (literally) alternatives to the drab and plain products you tend to find in the bathroom. From a wooden mat to a combination hamper and shelf, you’ll find things that are not only functional but make your bathroom look nicer.

Shaped wooden soap holders 

Magift Soap Dish Holder


This shaped soap holder is a nice alternative to leaving a soap bar on the sink or a plastic bowl. Aside from being easier to use, it’s also charming to look at, especially if with a rustic bathroom theme. Of course, if you want something much fancier, this Dobbyby Ceramic Soap Dish screams gaudy excellence.

While we’re at it, why not get some pretty assorted handmade soaps to pair with your new soap holder, or maybe these White Tea and Ginger Soaps that look like both a mountain and an ocean at the same time.

Toilet paper holders

Cloud-shaped toilet paper holder

Red Co. Galvanized Metal Cloud Toilet Paper Holder


Unfortunately, toilet rolls aren’t anything fancy or pretty to look at, which is why they tend to be hidden away in a cupboard, but this cloud-shaped toilet paper holder actually makes you want to display your extra toilet rolls. There’s also this wooden version if you don’t want the toilet paper holder to be too obvious.

Also, if you’re following the rustic design so far, this wooden toilet paper holder to put next to your toilet is really gorgeous.

Over-the-toilet storage rack

Ecoprsio Over-The-Toilet Storage Rack


A common problem that a lot of bathrooms have is storage space, and utilizing the empty space over and around the toilet is a smart way to get around that issue. The Ecoprsio is a great option and even follows the rustic theme from before.

That being said, if you want a more modern version, the MallKing Toilet Storage Rack espouses modern minimalist in metal, while the Yaheetech Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet allows you to have internal storage of you need to keep some things protected.

Towel holders

12 inch jumbo towel holder clothespin

2 Pieces 12 Inch Jumbo Clothespin Wooden …….



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