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At Gadget Flow, we come across cool products on the regular. These are some of the coolest bathroom gadgets and accessories you’ll love to include in your spring renovations.

Pay some extra attention to your bathroom this spring by giving your devices and accessories a good spruce up. Because a more updated loo makes caring for your hygiene fun as well as easier. And, to give you some ideas, today we’re highlighting the bathroom gadgets and accessories we’d love to own ourselves.

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Who wouldn’t want to own a bathtub that creates its own fog and aromatherapy for a relaxing mind/body experience? So it’s no surprise that the Kohler Stillness Bath made this list.

Then, with gadgets like a touchless soap dispenser and faucet, you might never have to deal with a messy sink again, which sounds pretty great to us.

Give your bathroom a revamp with any of these cool bathroom gadgets and accessories.

1. The Kohler Stillness Bath freestanding tub brings a spa-like experience to your bathroom and has convenient voice control.

Kohler Stillness Bath top view

Add fog and aromatherapy to your bubble bath with the Kohler Stillness Bath freestanding tub. This splurgy high-tech bathtub has a smart drain that works with your voice or the app.

This bathtub is priced at $8,000 and is coming soon. Learn more about it on the official website.

2. The Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush has a 3+ week battery life and modes like White, Clean, Massage, and more for cleaner teeth.

Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush with accessories

If you want to upgrade your tooth-brushing routine, get the Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush. It features 4 helpful brushing modes and a 3+ week battery life. You’ll love the beautiful colors with Rose Gold and Charcoal Grey.

Get it for $65.50 on the official website.

3. The Tedalus Essence precision shaving razor elevates your shave with a straight razor for an incredibly close and smooth experience.

Tedalus Essence with shaving cream

The Tedalus Essence precision shaving razor made our list of bathroom gadgets and accessories we want because it’s an update on the traditional straight razor design. It boasts high-end custom razers for a sustainable shave.

Get it for $434 on the official website.

4. The simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump has a modern, touch-free design and dispenses soap in just 0.2 seconds for fast washing.

simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump in a video

Wash your hands without dripping any water or soap with the simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump. This touch-free soap dispenser releases soap or hand sanitizer in only 0.2 seconds.

Get it for $48.45 on Amazon.

5. The Nebia Quick-Dry Earth Bathroom Mat feels …….

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