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There is a popular saying that you should invest the most in your kitchen and your bathrooms – be it money or space. Bathrooms are one of the most essential parts of your house, and they have to have adequate space, a positive, peaceful energy and fresh vibe. A zen-like bathroom is absolutely essential to start your day on a fresh note, end it peacefully and have the occasional me-time and self-care days with a relaxing bath.

You don’t need to worry though – none of this necessarily calls for a full renovation of your bathroom. If you are looking to create a zen, stress-free paradise in your bathroom, here are some practical bath accessories you should check out!

1. Dura Cucine Stainless Steel Corner Shelf

The perfectly modern, minimalistic and aesthetic vibe can be brought to your bathroom with this corner shelf that is strong and practical enough to hold all your essential items. Its stainless-steel build makes it resistant to water damage, making it far more durable than regular fixtures.

₹ 1,328.00 – Buy Now.


You should also check out the next 2 products by the same seller, matching this one’s aesthetic and creating a whole theme.

2. Dura Cucine Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder

₹ 757.00 – Buy Now.

3. Dura Cucine Stainless Steel Clothes Hook

₹ 1,138.00 – Buy Now.


4. Mirage Ornate Flower Mirror

Why be basic when you can have a unique mirror on your wall? This flower-shaped mirror is just the right amounts of quirky with an ethnic, luxurious aura. The golden frame is ideal to match a warm toned, peaceful theme.

₹ 1,603.00 – Buy Now.


5. Allure Metal Square Lanterns

Lighting is a very important factor to consider when determining the kind of ambience you wish to create. Hence, a warm light from these 3 lanterns will not only look aesthetic, but also create the tranquil and soothing ambience you need when taking a self-care day for yourself.

₹ 495.00 – Buy Now.



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