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Buying a bathroom trash can may not feel like a particularly sexy purchase. While there’s nothing wrong with using a small kitchen trash can or a no-frills bin that simply gets the job done, there are also stylish and functional options that can add some visual interest to your loo. If you’re balking at the idea that something so basic can have an impact, think about the last time you were at nice hotel or restaurant and paused for a moment before tossing your dirty tissue into the fancy faux-leather receptacle on the floor.

Whether you’re looking for a plastic bathroom trash can that’s attractive and easy to clean or want something with more presence, like a wooden bin or one with luxe design details, read on for our recommendations, plus a few tips to consider before you start shopping.

Best Bathroom Trash Cans

What to Consider

Most of us have limited square footage, explaining why we rely on everything from over-the toilet storage to counter organizers on your bathroom sink. If you want to find the best bathroom trash can for your setup and household, it’s wise to put some advance thought into the purchase instead of clicking “buy” in under a minute and crossing the to-do off your list. Below, we’ve written up a shortlist of the most essential considerations to keep in mind.

Shape and Size: There are likely only a few spots where a bathroom trash can will fit, so get out the tape measure to get an idea of the best shape — round, rectangular, oval, or square — and ideal dimensions. To take it a step further, put masking tape on the floor to mark where the bin will go.

Capacity: One you have the size and shape in mind, next up is to think about capacity. Most bathroom trash cans range from about 1.3 gallons to roughly 2.5 gallons; anything much larger is typically better suited for a home office or bedroom, but if you need the capacity and have the space, there’s no reason to rule anything out. However, keep in mind that you can also increase capacity by choosing a taller trash can without sacrificing a small footprint.

Style: You’ll likely want to coordinate the trash can’s style to your bathroom’s overall vibe. For example, a wicker trash can may look out of place in a sleek and modern bathroom, just as a black rectangular stainless steel bin won’t jibe well with farmhouse style or cottagecore. Also, many bathroom trash cans come with matching accessories, like lotion pumps, soap dishes, and toothbrush holders, if matchy-matchy is your jam.

How We Selected

Our selection includes a wide range of styles and sizes, plus we aimed to feature options across multiple price points, from a budget-friendly $15 to no more than $40. We considered hundreds of options, consulted professional assessments, and read through user comments to get a sense of overall quality and to identify any potential red flags. Also, every bathroom trash can we cover has an average customer rating of 4 stars or more, and we highlighted the most important specs for each trash can we write about.



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