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The Authentic Feel of Rain: New Technologies in Showers

Cortesia de Dornbracht



Taking a good shower can be an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience. Far beyond the simple (and important) functions of removing dirt and sweat and balancing the bacteria present on the skin and body, the feeling of well-being that a bath provides can make us think better, come up with ideas to solve problems and relax our muscles. To make things even better, this experience can be enhanced through a well-designed space, with suitable materials, well thought out lighting, and components that provide a good waterflow.

Founded in 1950 and based in Iserlohn, Germany, Dornbracht specializes in superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas and kitchens. It has developed a significant amount of research over the years on how water can influence our well-being, in order to improve people’s sensory experiences during baths and showers. When describing some of the technology that they have developed, the company says that “the secret of Dornbracht raindrops is that they fall without pressure, the huge droplets landing gently on your body are as light as a feather and practically weightless.”

Cortesia de Dornbracht

Indeed, hydrotherapy can be a type of full-body massage, whilst also positively affecting the mind and soul. In collaboration with well-known Kneipp Therapy experts, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and well-being research, this knowledge has been transformed into innovative water applications and solutions that support a life concerned with health. “We develop water therapy treatments to successfully reduce pain, improve mental health, treat specific conditions, and increase health and overall well-being.”

To achieve this effect, two main types of water jets can be used. The compact and powerful shower jet facilitates the cleaning and rinsing of hair, while the rain shower’s real Dornbracht raindrops provide relaxation. Water gently envelops your body, while avoiding your face.

Cortesia de Dornbracht

The new rain showers are also available with built-in lighting: they have two integrated light sources, which can be selected independently using conventional, Zigbee-compatible controllers. To make matters easier, they can even be voice-controlled via devices such as the Alexa or Philips Hue. Ambience lighting and spotlights enhance the impression of space and the experience of water.

Cortesia de Dornbracht

Eight versions of the new rain showers are available, with choices including round or square, surface-mounted or integrated into the ceiling, and with or without lighting. They will be available in eleven finishes to match the Dornbracht design series: Polished chrome, Chrome matt, Platinum, Platinum matt, Dark Platinum matt, Brushed Durabrass, Black matt and White matt. In addition, there are also three …….



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