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Ski trips are fun, but they can be even better with the right gear.


This will be the third ski season affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, and with what we now know, most experts agree that being outdoors is a much better bet than indoor alternatives. So, whether skiers end up traveling internationally, flying across the country or simply sticking to cars and staying closer to home, skiing and snowboarding are expected to be extremely popular this season.

For great ski and snowboard travel ideas, check out these recent stories on why an All-Inclusive Ski Vacation might be your best bet – regardless of budget or level of luxury – and the 5 Best Ski Trips for a Unique Winter Vacation.

But wherever you go, you should have great gear to make your experience better and safer, and these are some top picks for clothing and accessories.

Sweet Protection’s Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet has won the top industry awards and is lighter with more … [+] safety features than its acclaimed predecessors.

Sweet Protection

A Better, Safer Helmet: Norway’s Sweet Protection has long been the global leader in protective active gear technology and cutting-edge helmets, and the brand has been my choice for years. But Sweet Protection now has its best model yet, significantly lighter thanks to carbon fiber, but with more security and the must-have feature in any bike or ski helmet, MIPS, a third-party licensed technology that helps reduce impact force. But while other brands offer MIPS, the Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet also adds two other layers of defense, a variable elasticity shell and shock absorbing structure, along with excellent comfort and ventilation, and is available in a whopping seven colors. The Trooper 2Vi was named one of the Best Helmets for 2022 by both Ski Magazine and, and most importantly, won the industry’s coveted Gear of the Year Award from Outside Magazine ($300).

Skiing’s most advanced wearable, Carv is an invisible digital ski instructor you take with you on … [+] the slopes.


Digital Ski Instruction: Instruction has long been invaluable to skiers, but in the age of Covid-19 when minimizing interpersonal contact, especially outside your “pod,” is desirable, Carv is the perfect solution (and was great in pre-coronavirus times as well!).  Carv is the world’s most advanced ski wearable, a footbed and sensor that is fully compatible with your existing custom or molded orthotics. The ultra-thin footbeds contains 72 pressure sensors, and the control unit has an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that captures 9-axis 3D motion. All of this analyzes the way you ski and give you corrective data for improvement. For instance, one of the most common faults is skiers who sit back too far, and if you can’t tell this on your own, Carv can. It rates your balance (forward and backwards weight) throughout the turn, your edge effectiveness, rotary precision (parallel movement of skis) and pressure (getting weight on the outside ski) and compares these against target zones for all abilities. Carv is an invisible ski instructor that gives instant, precise feedback through the app and is for intermediates through racers. The units are waterproof, designed to take the abuse of crashes, and run three days …….



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