The Best Way To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger – House Digest

One of the best ways to make your bathroom space seem bigger is to create an illusion of more space using lighting. This is done by ensuring there is an abundance of light flowing through the bathroom because this causes it to feel open and big. Adding on a lot of bright and light colors can help to boost this effect because it makes the place feel airy. Mirrors can also help, since reflections make the space feel more open and taller (via Modern Bathroom).

Another great way to make your tiny bathroom feel less cramped is by being smart with your space! You can do this by opting out of having a shower door or using a glass one. This open-concept design move will make the bathroom feel bigger. You can also do this by keeping out heavy pieces that take up space. Reimagine how you can get some space back when the storage cabinets and even things like the sink are more lean and slight. When you can, keep accessories small and compact—avoid the chunk!



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