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REVIEW: It’s the return of the Wolf on the Block this week, and he’s back with a vengeance.

Now, in family bathroom week, we’re starting to see the first signs of real annoyance and anger on site (it had to come sooner or later). And it’s all because tradies can’t keep their boots on, and sometimes stand on the top step of ladders.

It’s Quinn and Ben, the couple with the most work to do, who pay the price. Having been docked two lots of 10 minutes for their tradies not wearing boots, a day later their very own builder – supposedly the man in charge – does the very same thing and the Wolf, site manager Peter Wolfkamp is as angry as we’ve ever seen him. Ben tries to negotiate the added 10-minute penalty to no avail.


Chloe and Ben are on a roll. They get a perfect 10 from judge Shelley Ferguson in family bathroom week.

Maree and James lose 10 minutes for a tradie standing on the top step of a ladder, but they are pretty chilled and finish in plenty of time. And, as it happens, everyone finishes, which might just be a first for family bathroom week on the Block.

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And it’s time for the judging. But we’re in for a disappointment. The producers decide we can only see half the scores (from judge Shelley Ferguson). We are going to have to wait to see who actually won.

Chloe and Ben

These two are nailing it. They have become the favourites, bar none (who saw this coming?) Last week’s win was not just a blip – they’re doing it again.


Chloe and Ben’s bathroom features a wet area shower and bathtub. The vanity features a fluted tile.

Ben promises to shave off his ‘tache this week if they get a 10, and they do, so they’re in the lead.

They had a pretty tough week, with Ben forgetting to order a heater to dry the walls. That caused a lot of headache, but they managed to finish.

We have beautiful terrazzo-style tiles on the walls and floor, a fluted tile on the vanity and a gloss tile in the shower. There is gold tapware and accessories, which seem a little chintzy, and the first of two curved walls we see this week. Judge Jason Bonham is speechless after saying “fantastic”. “Are we actually on the Block?” he asks.


A curved …….



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