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The Power of Basic Geometric Shapes in Bathroom Accessories

Cortesia de AXOR



Square shapes convey a sense of reliability and safety, while triangles represent stability, balance and movement. Circular forms, in turn, tend to be more “friendly”, as they encompass all other shapes. This is known as the psychology of shapes, a science that studies the influence of shapes on people and their meaning and effects on our minds. In fact, geometric shapes are almost naturally familiar to us, even if we have no formal studies or mathematical references specific to them, as this study showed. In architecture, basic geometric shapes are also widely explored through playing with volumes, subtractions and intersections in floorplans and façades. The shapes may also appear in their truest forms, in interior elements and accessories. This is the case of AXOR Universal Accessories, which comprises three product lines, each representing a basic shape: rectangular, round and with rounded corners, reinterpreted into bathroom accessory products.

AXOR Universal Circular. Image Cortesia de AXOR

Bathrooms are places that enable individual expression through details. AXOR is a manufacturer of iconic bathrooms and kitchens that combines high-tech and craftsmanship, and that seeks to bring basic shapes to these spaces. Universal Rectangular, Universal Circular and Universal Softsquare were created in collaboration with designers Philippe Starck, Barber Osgerby and Antonio Citterio, with a wide range of products such as shaving mirrors, soap dispensers and towels, that can be easily paired with the brand’s taps and showers.

Rectangular: Discretion and elegance

AXOR Universal Rectangular. Image Cortesia de AXOR

Created in collaboration with French designer Philippe Starck, the rectangular accessories match any other pieces with cubic or rectangular design language. The goal is not to have these accessories dominate the scene or become a space’s focal point, but to provide sober and high quality touches to bathroom interiors. The wide range of products includes a razor mirror, a soap dispenser, toilet paper holders, a variety of bath towel racks and more.

Circular: Minimalism and calm

AXOR Universal Circular. Image Cortesia de AXOR

Circles bring to mind the idea of continuity, but can also refer to femininity and sensuality, as well as other rounded forms. AXOR Universal Circular accessories include a generously-sized circular wall mirror as well as a shaving mirror, a shelf, different towel holders, a tissue box and waste bin, a paper roll holder, and a toilet brush holder. For the shower, the line offers a comfortable and practical shelf that does not interfere with the design or finish of the selected AXOR shower products. Created in collaboration with Barber Osgerby, they are characterized by exceptional quality and a minimalist design based on circular shapes. 




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