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When it comes to interior design, most people express themselves through their furniture, accessories, art, paint colour, etc.

Every so often you’ll see something unique happening with the choice of tile in the kitchen, or through lighting fixtures. 

What isn’t usually a place for creative expression is the bathroom. 

The living room in the main floor unit. 

Those are usually pretty standard – toilet, sink, shower and bath…  maybe a bidet if you’re fancy. 

A dining area. 

And yet, for 499 Palmerston Blvd. the most visually striking room in the home is the bathroom. 

One of the weirdest bathrooms in the home. The other ones are pretty standard. 

From the urnial directly in front of huge window to the futuristic looking sink to the shiny black toilet, it’s a lot to unpack. 

A kitchen in the second floor unit. 

What’s weirder about it is that this home is triplex.

A home office. 

So either the owner of the building made this call or a tenant did this for themselves… in both cases I have questions. 

The main floor kitchen. 

The listing does say “they’re not making them like this anymore,” which, if it’s talking about the bathroom, is pretty obvious. 

A bedroom with original wood floors and fireplace. 

But apart from the exceptionally strange bathroom in one of the units, this home is full of potential. 

The basement unit kitchen. 

The home boasts three self-contained units with their own meters and furnaces. 

A light-filled bedroom. 

However, realtor John Martino notes in his listing that the home could easily be converted back into a single family home or a family home with a basement rental suite. 

A sun room at the back of the main floor unit. 

The home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and plenty of charm and character. 

The primary bedroom with a walk-out to a patio and exposed brick wall. 

There’s exposed brick walls, original wood burning fireplaces, stained glass windows and more. 

The basement unit living and dining space. 

The basement unit has eight-foot ceilings and there’s private parking. 

A balcony. 

As for outdoor space, there are several balconies and a lush backyard with plenty of trees.  

The backyard. 

The home is currently listed for $3,850,000.



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