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November 27, 2021 by No Comments

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Put in a little money to get the aesthetics right, and morph the most private space in your house to a place where you can rejuvenate and spend quality ‘me time’

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Namrata Kohli  | 
New Delhi 

Last Updated at November 26, 2021 15:36 IST

There is this fascinating anecdote about classical mathematician and physicist Archimedes, who was so elated at the discovery of a crucial principle in physics while bathing, that he forgot to dress up and ran out into the streets, crying “Eureka, Eureka”. Does that sound like Greek to you? Well, it is, and means “I have found it”.

If anything, the little story above stands testimony to the general belief that the best ideas come in the bath. On a more serious note, though, the bathroom isn’t just a place for body scrubs and hot showers any more. Today it has …

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