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We may not pay attention to our bathrooms very often, but the truth is they’re the little alcoves we spend a substantial amount of our time in, carrying out our personal activities. It’s probably the only time we’re ever truly alone, and bathrooms are like our own personal zones. Hence amping up our bathroom with essential accessories and handy product designs is quite important. These little products can make a huge difference in our everyday bathroom experience. They not only help us carry out our personal and grooming activities even more easily, but they also help us take care of ourselves and our washrooms a little better! From an unconventional weighing scale designed to look like a set of tiles to a smart eco-friendly shower with a pressure-sensitive floor panel – we’ve curated a whole collection of innovative and functional bathroom accessories for you!

1. Air Spa

You know that age-old trend of drying yourself with a towel after a shower? Boring, no? And pretty time-consuming too, if you ask me. I mean it’s 2021, we definitely need a cooler way of drying ourselves. I guess BDCI Design thought the same because they designed ‘Air Spa’…a body dryer! Yes, you read that right. The South Korean design consultancy created a dryer for your body, and defines it as a “refreshing bathroom experience”. The tall vertical appliance blows out air to dry your body after you take a shower.

Why is it noteworthy?

So, where does the spa bit of ‘Air Spa’ come into play? The appliance’s unique form and height support various little holes that blow out air. These ‘air holes’ feature multiple layers, and can be positioned vertically or horizontally, however you prefer. So, you have air blowing at you from different angles and positions, mimicking the experience of a massage or spa. It’s almost like a wind bath if you ask me. And, it could be the ultimate last step in unwinding after a long day at work.

What we like

  • Air Spa’s interesting height makes it perfect for users of all ages. The vertical appliance can be used for children and adults alike
  • Reduces our laundry load!

What we dislike

  • Unsuitable for tiny bathrooms with space constraints

2. The Shower Scrubber

With a dual-sided design that lets you choose between a softer massaging side, and an effective exfoliating side, the Shower Scrubber comes from the folks at Casamera, who shook up the industry with their ridiculously comfortable and absorbent bath towels and robes earlier this year. The Shower Scrubber comes with a radical new redesign, sporting a honeycomb pattern on one side, to open your skin pores, and a walnut-shell textured surface on the other side, for scrubbing off dead cells to leave your skin shining.

Why is it noteworthy?

While Konjac sponges aren’t new (the internet’s absolutely littered with them), the Shower Scrubber unlocks its true potential with its design and the various infusions. The large guitar-pick-shaped design comes with a honeycomb texture on one side, inspired by Casamera’s waffle-textured towels. The honeycomb texture helps gently massage and pamper the skin (especially around the face), open the pores, and more importantly, is incredibly effective at building up a lather. The other side, however, is a textural contrast, as the sponge comes with particles of walnut shells suspended …….



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