Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa With These Under-$50 Accessories From Amazon – HuffPost

One of my favorite things about spring cleaning season is that everything in my house gets a little facelift along the way. Getting rid of clutter or swapping out seasonal decor and old items means that there is more room for fresh accessories and the opportunity to liven up a previously tired room. And the easiest place to do this is the bathroom: just a few new touches here and there and suddenly, it’s been transformed into the spa of your dreams.

Amazon makes it easy to upgrade your bathroom with accessories under $50. This doesn’t need to be a long, expensive project. With the addition of just a few thoughtfully curated accessories and decorations, you can easily elevate your bathroom’s overall vibe.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bathroom accessories to give you a head start when it comes to minor bathroom upgrades. From artwork to plants, new towels and more, you’ll be sure to find the one that transforms your space into a spa, giving you the daily (or nightly) respite you deserve.



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