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There are certain items that are essential to a functioning bathroom and personal care regimen, i.e. TP and toothbrush, we’re looking at you. But, what about the elusive items that may have escaped your eye so far, but have the potential to bring a smile to your face, bring unexpected ease to a task, even during the dirty work of unclogging a toilet?

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1. Smile Plunger

No one smiles over a plugged-up toilet. But, tell this to this reimagined plunger by Staff. With an acrylic handle in your choice of orange, blue, purple, or green, it adds a splash of color to your bathroom and a little smiley face at the top.

The rubber cup has a raised sanitary drip tray to settle in for increased air flow and faster drying – yet another reason to smile. From personal experience—I got this bathroom accessory as a housewarming gift—I can tell you that it is super sturdy and the drip tray is handy for not causing a mess after the mess.

Get the Smile Plunger from Staff for $32

2. Moen Aromatherapy Handshower

This popular brand turns your everyday shower into a home spa getaway. Its hand shower envelopes you in steam and essential oils after you pop in an INLY—yes, of luxury European hotel fame—aromatherapy shower capsule.

The shower head has six spray settings that you can easily change by pushing a button right on the handle. For the scent dilution level, there are four settings you can choose. Available in chrome and brushed nickel.

From installation to functionality, this bathroom accessory earns high reviews, with one shopper noting, “This Moen aromatherapy shower head brings the spa to you.” Another calls it a “high quality shower head with great scents to start your morning.”

Get the Moen Aromatherapy Handshower with INLY Shower Capsules at HSN for $99.99-$109.99

3. Pearl Boba Tea Mini Fridge 2.0

When it comes to keeping beauty products cool, this boba-inspired mini fridge—so trendy!—does the job sweetly.

With removable shelves, you can fill it with all of your skin and nail care products for easy access that also allows for longer keep time.

If you love the boba look, you can also match this mini-fridge with other bathroom accessories: a soap dispenser, bath slippers, lamp, and/or bath mat.

With almost 200 five-star reviews, people think this fridge is pretty sweet. One “loves the …….

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