You probably didn’t realize these eyesores around your home are so cheap & easy to fix – Mic

Everyone has parts of their home they hate looking at, whether it’s a scratch on the wall or a disorganized closet. Sometimes, these small annoyances feel like a big undertaking to fix, but they can actually be much easier and cheaper than you realize. This list includes a variety of affordable solutions for the eyesores around your house.

For example, it’s impossible to ignore the pet hair that piles up on furniture, rugs, and clothing, but you can help manage it with this pet hair remover. Or if you’re a cat lover (but not a cat litter lover), this hidden litter box looks like a piece of high-end furniture.

If storage and organization are problems for you, then you’re in luck. This list features tons of organizational tools, like this purse storage that hangs over the back of your closet or a monitor stand with drawers for storing your office supplies.

Whether you want to make small cosmetic changes or completely rearrange a room, you’ll find plenty of cheap and easy solutions on this list.


Paint chipping on your walls

Freshly painted walls look great, but eventually, the paint is likely to chip in at least a few spots. Instead of getting out your rollers and painting pants, try these fillable brush pens designed for touch-ups. The pens can be filled with paint like a syringe and have a brush tip you can use to paint over chips or scratches in the paint.


The grout in your bathroom is dirty

Once the grout around your bathroom tiles goes gray or black from the dirt, it can be hard to clean and get it white again. This grout pen lets you color in the grout to give it a clean white look without having to scrub your bathroom with a toothbrush for hours. Each pen is enough to cover about 150 square feet.


Your kitchen accessories don’t match at all

If you’re like me, then your collection of oven mitts is probably mismatched and falling apart. Give them an upgrade with this set of oven mitts and potholders in matching colors. They have lining for insulation and are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees. They also have silicone strips on the outside so you can more securely grip pots and pans.


Your furniture is covered in pet hair

It always feels like piles of pet hair accumulate just minutes after vacuuming. This lint roller helps pick up pet fur, dandruff, and lint in between vacuuming sessions. Use it on your furniture, clothing, or carpet. The roller is lightweight and easy to carry around, with a release button that allows you to easily dispense the accumulated hair.


The drying rack takes up too much space in your laundry room

Drying racks for your clothing tend to take up a lot of space, but this three-tiered drying rack hangs over the back of your door, so it won’t take up any extra room on the floor. It comes with metal hooks that you can either hang over the top of the door or on a rod in the closet or shower.


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