You’ll be shocked these 40 expensive-looking home upgrades are actually under $30 – Inverse

Even if you’re working on a serious budget, you still deserve to have a nice home. Though tackling upgrades, DIY projects, and redecorating can feel like a money suck, the truth is you don’t have to spend a lot to turn your house, apartment, condo, or bedroom into a fantastic space. It’s seriously shocking how expensive these home upgrades look, but the most shocking part is actually their budget-friendly price tag. They’re all under $30. Plus, they’re easy to install, swap out for older pieces, or add into the decor style you’ve already chosen.

Change up the small practical details like your cabinet hardware anytime you’re feeling like your home needs a good update. This list has both a cabinet pull option and a sleek knob style. Keep refreshing your kitchen with the stick-on under cabinet light bar on this list — you’ll be surprised by the impact.

There’s even a way to upgrade your already stress-relieving bubble bath with the bath pillow on this list. It has a ventilated design, so you don’t get too warm and can relax in the bath longer. If spa-like upgrades aren’t really what you’re looking for, this list has plenty of practical swaps for your home that will make everything feel refreshed and polished.

Basically, this is the list where you can turn to whenever and wherever your home needs a little refresh. You’ll find plenty of expensive-looking solutions that will never cease to shock you with their price tag.

1. A microfiber duvet cover set that’s easy to wash & refresh

This microfiber duvet set makes it easy to keep your bedroom looking fresh and polished. The zipper-closure cover and matching shams are machine-washable and even dryer-friendly. It also won’t fade, pill, or even wrinkle easily. Plus, the breathable fabric, available in 12 different colors, is temperature-regulating, so there’s no need to get a new duvet cover when it gets warm.

2. The aloe vera-infused sheets that are soft & soothing

These wrinkle-resistant bed sheets are actually infused with 100% natural aloe vera. This unique fabric treatment makes the microfiber fabric softer, and yes — they actually help to moisturize your skin while you sleep. Even with the luxurious aloe vera, these sheets are still machine-washable in cold water, and you can tumble dry them, so they’re easy to care for.

3. A faux-leather storage ottoman that doubles as a seat

Use this ottoman as a living room footrest, to store extra blankets or shoes inside, or use it as a little table to eat dinner on the couch or an extra seat in your living room. The tufted faux-leather fabric is waterproof, so a spill now and then is totally OK, and it can hold up to 250 pounds. It also has handles to pull your footrest closer or to move it into your home office for the workday, and you can fold this ottoman up when you don’t need to use it.

4. These stick-on subway tiles with tons of color options

Go for a classic minimalist white tile look with these stick-on subway tiles, or create the vintage-style backsplash of your dreams with pastel blue, green, or yellow. You also won’t need any grout or tools to install these, either. These adhesive sheets are actually 3D, and they even have a glossy finish to mimic real tiles, and they’re resistant to water and heat, which makes …….



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