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With change in the season, deep cleaning in the spring months can set you up for a cleaner, healthier home this season. Spring season typically involves packing up the winter clothes and bringing out the summer dresses. With the change in the season, it also calls for hosting family and friends to get-together. This means that the home needs to be clean and ready, as well as making it easier to combat packing and unpacking of our clothes. With the change in the season, deep cleaning can set you up for a cleaner, healthier home for the spring-summer season and beyond. Here’s a 10-day look tip sheet on how to clean room by room; from the living room to the bathroom for a stress-free deep clean.

The 10 Days of Cleaning Calendar

In particular, the dust may not be purely dust but made up of house dust, mites and their faeces which contain microscopic enzymes. House dust mites feed on mould as well as animal and human skin flakes. They flourish in textiles, such as bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture like sofas and carpets. To help you achieve a stress-free deep clean this spring season, here’s a 10-day cleaning tip sheet on how to clean room by room.

Don’t miss any surfaces when cleaning

Set aside time to clean up high. Ceilings and appliances mounted up high such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, or air-conditioning units are some of the dustiest places due to the inconvenient height. Remove anything mounted to your walls (photo frames or clocks) and vacuum the dust that has built up on the walls. Don’t forget to vacuum around the crevices of any immovable furniture (bookcases, televisions).

Dust walls by using a vacuum with advanced filtration to ensure that the dust you’re removing stays trapped in the bin and is not expelled back into the home. Dust on certain wall types can also contribute towards the growth of mould.

Don’t forget the curtains and blinds as well. Using the mini soft dusting brush, vacuum dust away before washing curtains at 60-90 degree Celsius to kill any germs and bacteria. Carpets are the perfect hiding place for dustmites, where they cling deeply in the fibres. Vacuum to reduce the number of dust mites and to remove their food source.



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