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Perhaps you’ve found yourself fed up with the look of your place and have taken the first initial steps towards getting it together. You’ve decluttered, reorganized, and redesigned — but something seems to be missing from the overall feel. Prepare to be amazed: Your home could look so much more tasteful if you tried any of these things under $35 that’ll add that touch of elegance and refinement you’re seeking.

Simply decorating your sofa with luxurious velvet pillow covers or a stylish faux fur throw can instantly add that special design accent, yet each solution costs $20 or less. For less than $35, a simple yet gorgeous floating picture frame seems like a small detail but can really pull a room together with its pretty and delicate display. If you’re ready for a bolder statement, there’s a peel-and-stick wallpaper in a stunningly stylish bird pattern that comes in lovely shades sure to complement any room and that will shock you with its affordable $31 price tag.

Check out the list below to see many more affordably tasteful details just waiting to complete your home decor.


Add Glamour To Your Sofa With This Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Effortlessly enhance your living room with the addition of this cozy yet glamorous faux fur throw blanket that looks far more expensive than its $18 price tag. It comes in tons of beautiful shades such as pure white (pictured above), camel, and light gray to match your existing decor. Made of super soft polyester microfiber, it is fully reversible and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.


Create An Indulgent Bath Experience With A Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Elevate your bath to new pampering heights with this stylish bamboo bathtub tray. It comes in a universal size to fit most tubs and can be adjusted to expand if needed. The bamboo is water-resistant and the tray includes space for bath accessories on top of a special tablet holder. Most importantly, it comes with a secure place for that glass of bubbly, perfect to complement your bubble bath.


Neatly Display Papers & Photos On Your Fridge With These Push-Pin Magnets

These charming push pin magnets look just like the original thing but skip the perilous pin and use magnets. These magnets have a high 4.8-star rating and are beloved for their strength to hold up to 11 sheets of paper each on any magnetic surface. The pins come in four colors so you can indulge in some fun color coding and, at $15 for a pack of 50, won’t cost you much to get your fridge stylishly organized.


Give Your Bathroom A Stylishly Natural Look With A Bamboo Bath Mat

Add a touch of natural warmth to any bathroom with this bamboo bath mat made from organic materials. It has a slatted design to help circulate air and three protective coatings that protect it from accumulating mold or mildew. Exit your bath with no fear of slipping thanks to the nine non-slip gaskets underneath and water-resistant finish.


Elevate Your Closet’s Aesthetic With These Chic Velvet Hangers

Create a consistent and elegant look in your closet by using these stylish velvet hangers that come in a pack of 30 …….



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